Time Taxi: Nikola Tesla for CITV

CITV asked Bottletop to create intro and outro stings for the strand as well as to produce three of the main animations featuring Nikola Tesla, Yuri Gagarin and the native American, Sacagawea. The animations had to be created without the use of any archive photography or illustrations so Bottletop created likenesses of the characters by bribing various friends to take part. Creating the life story of a famous character in 30 or 60 seconds was quite a challenge but the team made sure as much fun and action as possible was built into the sequences, with lots of subtle (and not so subtle) jokes, along the way.

citv-animation-citv-time-taxi-bottletop-03 citv-time-taxi-animation-bottletop-01 nikola-tesla-time-taxi-bottletop-04 television-motion-graphics-bottletop-02 time-taxi-animation-tesla-bottletop-05