The Gadget Show for North One Television

In 2004 Bottletop was commissioned by North One Television to design a new, iconic logo and brand for its flagship series, The Gadget Show’ for Five. Since then Bottletop has worked on every series of the show, developing and evolving the logo, content graphics and titles to reflect its pivotal place in Five’s schedule. The Bottletop team has, to date,  produced seven different title sequences each with a unique character yet retaining the famous ‘G’ logo. The team has also created titles for ‘The Gadget Show World Tour’,  a pilot show for the USA and titles for ‘Die Gadget Show’ for Germany as well as graphics for the annual Gadget Show Live at the NEC.

tv-title-sequence-bottletop-05 television-titles-gadget-show-bottletop-02 gadget-show-animation-five-02 die-gadget-show-titles-bottletop-04 broadcast-television-animation-gadget-01