Derby-based software technology company PXtech asked us to create an engaging animated video to explain, to potential customers, the benefits of their innovative new product. The PXmonitor is a food temperature safety probe which links via bluetooth to any OS device, prompts staff to make checks and then sends data securely to the Cloud. The probe removes the need for inaccurate paper-based reporting and so protects food businesses from contravening food safety legislation and putting their customers at risk.

PXtech had no previous experience of using video as part of their marketing strategy so we helped them develop a concise script and we then storyboarded the animation for approval before beginning production. The animation style and colours are based upon illustrations already in use in PXtech printed marketing materials presenting a cohesive visual brand. As the USA is a massive market for PXmonitor it was decided to use an American voiceover. The animation will also be produced in different languages for PXmonotor’s customer markets.