Nottingham Castle came to us with the challenge of answering the number one question on visitors’ minds when they first arrive “Where is the Castle?”. We were asked to condense almost 1000 years of history into a short animation to be displayed in the visitor centre, conveying the three very different buildings which have stood on the site and how each iteration came about.

Working with the historians we put together a script covering key dates, events & figures, then dug through hundreds of archive drawings & etchings to illustrate each stop along the timeline. Various textures, maps and diagrams were used throughout to give the animation a hand-made, tactile feel as we move from 1068 to the present day.

The animation now continuously loops on two 70 inch screens as guests first enter the visitor centre, hopefully answering their question “Where is the Castle?”.

Series of still images from the animation in a 3 x 3 gridNottingham Castle visitor centre, two monitors show an animation above souvenir shelves. In front of the shelves is a Mini Cooper painted in Paul Smith's colourful stripes.The animation plays on two 70 inch screens in the castle visitor centre.