Your worst nightmare, underground!

We created animation & video for the Nemesis Sub-Terra attraction at Alton Towers, providing content for the queue line, pre-show and on ride screens. Having previously worked on the attraction when it first opened in 2012, we gave everything a quick freshen up to fit the new branding and storyline, as well as creating a few new sequences to slot in throughout.

The queue line video segments cover the backstory of the “Sub-Terra” facility and the secretive research of The Phalanx, explaining how a nest of eggs has been discovered below the site of the Nemesis coaster in Forbidden Valley. One of these eggs has been removed and placed on display for the public to examine, what could possibly go wrong? As visitors make their way underground we provided a short pre-show sequence, informational screens in the lifts and the various egg monitoring system screens in the observation room.

Lots of research was done into the original Nemesis backstory in order to try and add some details into the videos for the fans to spot. From a 1994 promotional comic we pulled names such as Sergeant McTane & Professor Haldane, as well as making a silver belt buckle for our soldier to wear which matched those seen in the comic.¬† For the live action sections we embroidered Phalanx badges, sourced uniforms & props, made a fake Geiger counter, created maps, documents and rubber stamps, then filmed sections in a cave system beneath a local pub as well as in a green screen studio. All of the facility interfaces and monitoring screens were designed and animated to feel authentic and part of the same organisation’s network and increasing the audience’s level of immersion in the world of The Phalanx.