Mr Bloom: Here & There for CBeebies

Following a successful pitch, Bottletop was asked by CBeebies to create TV titles, stings and content graphics for a new series featuring well-known children’s presenter Mr Bloom.

The new fun and aspirational television series encourages children to celebrate and take care of their local area to help give them and their families a sense of pride in where they live and their community, plus an understanding of the importance of looking after their surroundings. In each episode Mr Bloom meets a small group of children (Tiddlers) who excitedly explain why they ‘love where they live’. Through shared activities each community’s special and unique character is discovered.

To attract the target audience of under-6 year olds Bottletop created a landscape of children’s illustrations through which Mr Bloom travels in his signature Morris Minor. To add to the quirky feel Mr Bloom’s car was shot as stop motion using a scale model. The children and Mr Bloom were filmed against blue and green screen, singing the theme tune, and then composited into the environments to create the final animations. Animated stings, static backgrounds and logos were also produced to enhance the programme’s online presence as well as for use in printed materials.

See the case study here.

mr-bloom-animation-for-bbc-05 mr-bloom-television-titles-bbc-04 television-titles-mr-bloom-bbc-02 tv-animation-mr-bloom-cbeebies-03animation-mr-bloom-cbeebies-01 mr-bloom-titles-bbc-bottletop-06