Mario’s Storyย for Cambridge English

Cambridge English, part of the University of Cambridge, provides globally recognised English exams for speakers of other languages. The exams range from primary school to business level and can open doors to university and employment opportunities. Cambridge English approached Bottletop with a blank canvas to create a short emotive video filmย with a strong narrative that would explain, for parents, the journey their child can take with Cambridge English if he starts early in life. Bottletop created a narrative story line around the life of Mario, a fictional boy from Brazil, whose first job interview is about to take place.

The Bottletop team tracked down three young actors to play the part of Mario whose story unfolds as seen through the eyes of his mother. Locations included Nottingham solicitors Geldards who very generously allowed us to film in their offices for the interview scene.

Marioโ€™s Story will be a pivotal marketing videoย for Cambridge English and will be shown to parents and teachers in countries around the world.

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