Jinx for Kindle Entertainment and CBBC

The titles needed to explain the relationships between the main characters and the fundamental storyline which centres around Lulu Baker, her fairy godmother and a magical recipe book – all within 25 seconds. The scripts feature chaotic storylines, lots of mess, mayhem, magical tricks and slapstick humour which the producers also wanted to see reflected in the titles. HD live action was shot at BBC’s Manchester studios on chromakey blue and green screen. The shots were then composited in After Effects using drawings, hand rendered text and cut outs, as well as some 3D elements created in Cinema 4D to give an unstructured home-made feel.

title-animation-jinx-cbbc-bottletop-04 television-titles-jinx-bottletop-03 jinx-tv-title-sequence-bottletop-01 jinx-titles-cbbc-bottletop-nottingham-04 cbbc-jinx-animation-bottletop-uk-02