We had great fun creating the logo, title sequence, transitions and graphics for the new CBeebies series “I Can Do It, You Can Too”. The series sees talented kids passing on their skills to enthusiastic young rookies. From catching a ball to skimming a stone, the series showcases the fun and sense of achievement that comes with learning a new skill.

Logo & Title Sequence

CBeebies has a young audience of 6 years and under, so it was important to make everything bright, fun, and simple to understand, especially when it came to any text. We worked through various different designs for the logo featuring different bright colours, layouts and typefaces. The final logo featured bouncy text and sports equipment which we could animate to bring it to life at the end of the title sequence.

various logo designs for the "I Can Do It, You Can Too" CBeebies series.

Tennis, taekwondo, wheelchair basketball and hula hooping, the title sequence features children taking part in these activities and more, along with lots of bouncy text, shapes and stickers.  Throughout the sequence presenter Aaron cheers them on, as well as having a go himself!

two smiling children in karate suits stand in front of colourful stars and text reading "YOU CAN TOO"

a child hula hoops on a colourful background, behind her another child and the presenter attempt the skill

Transitions and Graphics

We created a set of energetic transitions to be used throughout the series, featuring rubber ducks, goggles, wheels, paddles, bats and balls.  We also supplied archive footage frames, lower thirds and various animated graphics and stickers for the assorted activities.

Various colourful transition graphics stills from I Can Do It, You Can Too on CBeebies