Great to be involved with artist Hetain Patel’s “Baa’s House 11”, a trompe-l’oeil anamorphic illusion paying homage to Hetain’s grandmother, Lakshmiben Patel. The film plays every night throughout November on London’s Piccadilly Lights at 8:21pm, get yourself down for a peek!
We oversaw the optical illusion aspect and then put together the final composite using greenscreen footage and 3D elements, taking into account the ideal viewing position as well as the lighting at the time of day the illusion would be viewed.

Also showing (without the 3D illusion) in Tokyo, Seoul, Milan, and Times Square NYC.

Thanks to Mateo Villanueva Brandt for the great footage from the opening night!

Performer playing Baa: Vina Ladwa
Direction/Costume: Hetain Patel
Producer: Mark Bushnell
DOP: David Stewart
Gaffer: Andy Swain
Post Production: Bottletop
Hair and makeup: Kerry Baines
Commisioned by: Circa Art – Film London