We created the title sequence and graphics for series 18 & 19 of Great British Menu on BBC Two. Series 19 celebrates the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic games and is currently airing on BBC Two on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 8pm.

Series 18

Series 18 of Great British Menu celebrated Paddington Bear’s 65th birthday, the theme for dishes was British Illustration and animation, encompassing cartoons, comics, books and computer games.

Title Sequence

Following along with the theme, we designed a logo and opening sequence which covered comics, computer games and animation. Opening on a Beano style frame we see food being chopped and mixers whirring, then two computer game character chefs carry a carrot scoring points as they go, next we’re in a hand drawn kitchen with watercolour vegetables and a little dancing plasticine carrot, finally ending on a busy desk scene containing crayons, pencils, plasticine and googly eyes.

Chef Intros

Preceding the titles in each episode is a section showing the competing chefs from that region, we refreshed this from previous series and delivered 30 separate sequences as the chefs are whittled down to the final few ready for the banquet.

Press Image

We also created the promotional press image for the series, doodling on an image of the four presenters and adding a world of Beano inspired burgers, cakes, custard and flying bottles of tomato sauce and mustard with plenty of goopy splats.