Video Production and Digital Signage for NMSI

As the Science Museum is so vast the information modules are strategically placed at several locations throughout the building to aid visitor experience. Visitors are able to identify events, timings of films shown in the museum’s IMAX cinema, places to eat and relax as well as information about the content of the various exhibitions and galleries.

Each signage module contains a portrait format video screen. Bottletop re-edited and added animation to existing footage for the museum’s IMAX films to work within the portrait format as well as also creating landscape trailers to run on separate screens around the museum and on the IMAX screen itself. The project also involved editing and animating films from the museum’s 4D ‘experience’ cinemas – ‘Red Arrows’ and ‘Legend of Apollo’ as well as creating videos to give visitors a taste of what each exhibition gallery has on view and a preview of its interactive content. Bottletop spent time filming (outside visitor hours; in early mornings and late evenings) in the Museum’s caf├ęs, restaurant and retail shop to produce portrait and landscape versions of videos promoting the variety of menus available within the museum and the exciting science-themed merchandise available for both adults and children in the shop. In total Bottletop produced 27 finished films of varying sizes, ratios and technical specifications – on time and on budget.

imax-hubble-science-museum-bottletop-03 science-museum-atmosphere-video-bottletop-05 science-museum-filming-bottletop-02 video-filming-science-museum-04