Following previous video productions for Cambridge English (part of the University of Cambridge) the Bottletop team was asked to produce a short film to give an overview of how a command of the English language offers opportunities to people from all over the world irrespective of age, ability or level of English attained.

We wrote a short screenplay, set within an airport where different nationalities would naturally be brought together, to show a series of ‘moments’; problems are overcome and friendships and networks are forged through simple interactions where English acts as a catalyst to break down barriers. Casting involved finding Gujarati, Spanish and Mandarin speakers and, as airports are notoriously difficult and expensive to use for filming, we then transformed Nottingham Trent University’s Newton and Arkwright building into an airport terminal for a two-day shoot during the students’ summer break. The café scene involved branding and propping with signage, real food and with support actors as customers. As the university was still open for business our runner was kept busy stopping passing staff and visitors from wandering into shot to order coffees and sandwiches.

The video will be used as a scene-setter at global events and on the Cambridge English website.