APIL Awareness Campaign

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (apil.org.uk) is a not-for-profit campaign organisation with over 4,300 member lawyers (mainly solicitors, barristers and legal executives) dedicated to changing the law, protecting and enhancing access to justice, and improving the services provided for victims of personal injury. APIL asked Bottletop to create a web video animation, entitled ‘Back Off’, to appear on their website to raise awareness of the dangers of driving too closely to the vehicle in front. Often these collisions are highly contentious, involving expensive litigation, and yet are easily avoidable.

The animation needed to be consistent with APIL’s existing house style and printed marketing materials featuring a stick man who becomes involved in various accidents and scenarios. Bottletop storyboarded the animation in consultation with APIL to ensure the correct emphasis and tone of voice was achieved.

apil-web-animation-bottletop-02 bottletop-web-animation-for-apil-04 web-animated-video-nottingham-06 web-video-nottingham-bottletop-01 web-video-production-nottingham-03 website-animation-nottingham-05