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Bella Moss Case Study

The Bella Moss Foundation is a charity that promotes prudent antimicrobial use and hygiene in human and veterinary medicine. The charity educates pet owners and veterinarians, as well as the general public, on the dangers of the over use of antibiotics.

The Brief


Bottletop was asked to create an explainer animation describing the importance of Bella Moss’ work. The explainer required a voiceover and also a subtitled version to enable the video to be displayed in quiet seating areas in vets’ waiting rooms and at events where audio is not an option. The client had drawn a basic storyboard from which we took our reference.

Design Ideas


It was important that the animation would be fun and watchable without losing the importance of the message. We developed a series of humorous characters and bugs and a bright colour palette to engage and entertain the audience.

Script & Storyboard


The client had indicated the essential ‘must-have’ messages as bullet points. We fleshed this out into a proper script and passed it between us until everyone was happy. Once the drawings were approved our team produced a detailed storyboard highlighting all the key frames in the animation and how they related to the script.



The client requested a female voiceover. We selected samples from a few professional voiceover artists for the client to choose from and then recorded the final signed-off script.

Animation Production


Using our drawings each scene was animated in After Effects with timings to match the voiceover. The client, and other stakeholders, were kept informed of progress with online uploads that they could watch in their own time. Sound effects were added in the final edit to add emphasis to the visuals.