Promotional Videos and Marketing Materials for Integrex

Derbyshire-based engineering firm Integrex first contacted Bottletop in 2008 with a need to refresh their branding and create a bright, clean and easily navigated website as well as stationery and printed marketing materials. The company designs, manufactures and supplies electronic and IT solutions such as Top Up kiosks, touchscreens, projectors, IT networks, hardware and software to a diverse market place including aerospace and education. The old branding looked tired and dated and did not reflect the creativity and professionalism of the company. Bottletop was careful to rebrand and refresh Integrex’s identity in a way that would still be recognisable to the well-established client base.

In 2013 Integrex commissioned Bottletop to redesign the website again to reflect new products which they had since developed for education, special needs and the corporate market. To establish a library of exclusive images of Integrex’s products Bottletop set up a photo shoot at Scene Photography. These images were then used in new printed materials and on the new website built by Juno Media

Bottletop also produced several promotional web videos of products in operation which are featured on the Integrex website.

integrex-video-production-bottletop-uk-03 video-production-integrex-nottingham-01