Wollaton Hall for Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council needed a video to explain why Wollaton Hall’s Prospect Room was closed to visitors. The Prospect Room is reached by a tiny spiral staircase which was inaccessible to visitors during the refurbishment of Wollaton Hall. The team spent a day with a camera crew at the Hall as well as  photographically recording the finest details of the Prospect Room to enable a 3D model to be created back at Bottletop HQ. The final video described the history of the room, demonstrated its current state of disrepair and, by using 3D animation, its unusual, original floor construction which had contributed to its instability and neglect. Bottletop also used 3D graphics to rebuild the room as it would once have appeared in its heyday. This enabled visitors to understand the the importance of  the works in progress in an area of the hall that was temporarily closed to the public.

3d-fly-through-bottletop-nottingham-03 animated-video-wollaton-hall-bottletop-04 video-production-nottingham-uk-bottletop-05 wollaton-hall-video-bottletop-uk-02